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We help retailers navigate the future of information technology, a crucial need in today's businesses. This is a fast hybrid cloud system to manage and grow your business.

Get in the faster lane.

Do you feel that your point-of-sale software has slowed you down?

Do you think that a suitable POS system is critical to your success?

Why not compare our point-of-sale software with no obligation? For over 38 years, we have been a market leader in POS Software in Australia. We can and do provide POS, CRM and inventory control software for thousands of stores.



So to help you, we offer a comprehensive feature list:

* An advanced Point of sale software
* Hybrid cloud speed
* Retail management system
* Included in the price are on-site installation and training.
* All your information is stored securely in Australia
* Free follow-up one-on-one training.
* Free online training workshops.
* Stock and customer data conversion.
* Easy access to our help desk. We have large teams of support and development teams, all based in Australia.
* 24/7 help desk support. We are a company that does not sleep.
* Integration with many of the significant accountancy packages to cut bookkeeping costs.
* Fast EFTPOS processing about one second to process
* Integration with e-commerce websites. We can design and develop your websites if you want.
* Flexibility as you evolve your business in this changing marketplace.
* Context-rich information.
* With built-in CRM capabilities, it can support targeted campaigns and loyalty programs that keep customers returning to the store.
* Extensive list of reporting to track sales trends and create marketing campaigns.

* Free Login for support

Now we have special prices for Vend clients, which include on-site installation, one-on-one training, data conversion of data, access to the help desk, software updates, online training workshops, free extra training, and in-person user meetings.

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