Hi Pos Solutions Australia,

I have just renewed my licence for the next year and wanted to tell you what a great programme POS is and what a great team of staff you have. Once again I have been reminded of the need for a good efficient system.

I have had loyal staff member who started working for me mid December 2013, Whilst working for us she married and recently has her 3rd child.

Well as her oldest daughter is starting school soon it was hard for her to do the parenting thing and work so she has resigned after 8.5 years. She has asked for Po Rata long service Leave! I'm currently working through what we will need to pay her.

The best thing now is that I can go back through staff login/logoff details and see how many days she actually work for how long, so this will help me immensely in working out her entitlements. For example in 2019 she worked on average 2 days a week as she had a lot of time of with childbirth/parental leave etc.

If we were using the old time books where staff write in their hours, it would be a minefield trying to work it out fairly for all concerned.

Thanks for your great service.



Hans Petiet




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