Invitation to Ideal POS System users


We urge you to look at this POS software. It has the tools your retail businesses need to manage operations, accept payments, and a free loyalty CRM. It can unify in-store and online sales. This is the choice of thousands of retailers. It is easy to use and an excellent solution for new and experienced users. It has the power to help you manage your business in a way that makes you more efficient. It is designed with a focus on usability and so is widely used. We invite you to compare our point-of-sale software with no obligation from a company that, for over 38 years, has been the industry's leading point-of-sale system provider and helps many thousands of shops with POS and stock control software. 

What we do is provide easy-to-use POS solutions for retailers. 

This is a fast system, and the faster a sale is completed, the shorter your queue times which improves customer satisfaction,

* An advanced Point of sale software
* Monitor your information online, anywhere and anytime. 
* Automatic promotions running within a predetermined time frame can boost retail sales.
* Retail management system
* Included is on-site installation and training.
* All your information is stored securely in Australia
* Free follow-up one-on-one training.
* Free online training workshops.
* Stock and customer data conversion.
* Easy access to our help desk. We have large teams of support and development teams all based in Australia.
* 24/7 help desk support. We are a company that does not sleep.
* Integration with many of the significant accountancy packages to cut bookkeeping costs.
* Fast EFTPOS processing about one second to process
* Integration with e-commerce websites. We can design and develop your websites if you want.
* Flexibility as you evolve your business in this changing marketplace.

* Run digital rewards and loyalty programs.

* Context-rich information.

Now we have special prices for Idealpos clients, which include on-site installation, one-on-one training, data conversion of data, access to the help desk, software updates, online training workshops, free extra training and in-person user meetings.

To find out how we can benefit your business, please click here to contact us.