WINERY POINT OF SALE: Gracebrook Stables


Gracebrook vinyard 

Whitfield in North East Victoria is the Gracebrook Vineyards a lovely winery, it rates 5 out 5 on trip advisor.


It has quite a reputation and packed out every weekend, you need a booking just to get a place. So we were very pleased after they went looking at many winery, restaurant and cafe software systems they picked our POS system. These guys wanted the best. As their restaurant is often absolutely packed and they needed something that could handle efficiently the volume.

Here are some photos and if you intend to go past, I do recommend a visit.

It has an outdoor restaurant 


Gracebrook vinyard outdoors

An indoor restaurant  

Gracebrook vinyard indoors

A wine bar

Gracebrook vinyard wine bar

Another outside restaurant 

Gracebrook vinyard outdoor restaurant

Wine tasting

Gracebrook vinyard wine tasting

So what they needed was a POS company that has a firm understanding of the hospitality and restaurant industry. So they came to us as they wanted our winery point of sale software that gives vineyard owners the functionality and flexibility they need. Our software can do it all and provides the tools and features they need to provide superior service.

POS Solutions is one of the few POS software that can provide the technology to conduct all your winery including the tasting room operations from a single platform.



I have been to this Winery around 3 weeks ago on a sunday. Yes, it packed. Luckily the guys had made a booking.
Lovely menu, great service...Would recommend a visit and would definitely go back.
Great work guys, keep it up.

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