How to avoid Point of Sale EFTPOS fraud?


Two people are required to make EFTPOS fraud. This is a particular problem with those people that do not have an integrated EFTPOS. It does happen accidentally too.

To make it work, the thief needs a person who pays goods and then signifies that it was paid with an EFTPOS. They then enter in nothing in the EFTPOS unit.  If you do not reconcile your EFTPOS amounts, you will never know that it happened.

Here is a report that can help you.

You will find it here marked in red.


Once there you can get a report like his that can reconcile.


Its in excel format so you can edit as required.

Some EFTPOS providers like Tyro EFTPOS have some incredibly detailed reports that you can reconcile. 

This will tell you when it happened!

What about a potential solution?

Knowing that it happened is only half the answer what you need to know is who is doing it. Once you find out when it happened, you can use our integrated computer/camera system, where you can press a button, and check one by one the transaction on the screen.

If you do not have an integrated computer/camera system, what you need to do is write down the times and do a search in your camera system. 

We have had a client recently that discovered about $8,000 in his small supermarket about five months was taken from him using this method.

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