Network services changes in magazine invoices

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Point by point on this sheet, here is Phil our support manager comments for what it means to newsagents

1) XChangeIT files will now be sent as late as possible so there is more chance of the invoice quantities being correct. As far as our software goes - no change. I just hope that they arrive on time. To often the physical items come before the invoice.

2) This is a change to the week numbering system used internally. You can change to week numbers if you want, but Network still officially have the off-sale dates and there is no reason to move from this.

3) Newsagents should find that the XChangeIT DD2 files match the bundles once again.

***** This is the major benefit, but let see how well it works in practice******

4) This is a policy decision on behalf of ACP. There is no reason it could not have been done in the past.

5) Network have been promoting this since last year. All newsagents should already be aware of what is going on. Our returns documents already deals with this and it is nothing new.

Support manager