Network have asked us to tell you this.

Some newsagents are still not getting their network invoices so Network have move to a plan B, email. So please make sure that Network have your correct email address.

Status: Urgent POS Vendor Update

Hi all

We have experienced another issue with DD2 files not arriving to some agents. At this stage we do not know the exact number & list of agents are impacted however we believe it’s less than 10%.

Network Services has decided to move to emailing all of files for this week to all agents as a back up. Furthermore we will continue to email files to agents each week until such time XChangeIT can show that the bugs have all been fixed.

The email schedule will be as follows:

Files for Monday will be emailed to agents the Thursday prior each week

Files for Wednesday and Friday will be emailed to agents the Monday prior each week.

We ask that you please inform your members of these back up emails and the process of copying these files into their systems if required.

Any queries please let me know.


Daniel Tisi
Supply Chain Project Manager