XchangeIT now

We received the following communication from network. I am happy to confirm that what we are seeing in our main support office is what they have outlined.

Our windows posbrowser software has built in error protection (smart software) that automatically filter out these duplicates. POS DOS users must be careful so DOS users please use the filters.

The other good news is that XchangeIT have put back Kim Prince, who is both extremely experienced with XchangeIT and a good operator to help find out what went wrong and to help fix the problems.

Status: Urgent POS Vendor Update

Hi all

All Distributors and XchangeIT worked closely together to get on top of the issues and whilst they are not completely resolved we feel that the right short term processes and validations are in place to manage this until such time as the fixes are implemented. This week the number of missing DD2 files reported was below 3%, down from over 40% two weeks ago.

We do however have another issue that we experienced last night. An XchangeIT process caused some Network Services DD2 files to be duplicated. While most POS systems are capable of dealing with this occurrence there are some that are not equipped to identify duplicated files. To mitigate this we are going to send a headline to all agents via XchangeIT advising agents to look out for files that contain the same name and only accept 1 of them. For agents using POS systems known not to identify Duplicate Files, as an extra measure, we will be calling them to advise them of the duplicate files so they are aware they must look first before accepting files.

We ask that you do that same via your communication networks

Any queries please let me know.


Daniel Tisi
Supply Chain Project Manager