New virtual product range coming

We are excited about a new virtual product range coming for our clients. I cannot go into details but hopefully soon, our clients will soon have a new range of virtual product. These products have been tested in several of our newsagents and are selling very well. They have a competitive price with a good margin.

The supplier of these goods knew what they wanted. What the supplier wanted was a software developer with a large user base in retail shops who had a track record in virtual products. Something we certainly do have.

What really stunned us is that one of the many companies that applied was Australia Post who tried to get it but was turned down. So I did not have much hope, when I went in suggesting newsagents but what really helped us was newsagents sell large quantities of greeting cards. So it now looks like we have won for newsagents, a chance at this huge market.

We will need soon to pick some sites for the next stage of the trials. So hang on here for some really exciting news which I am sure will include steak knives too.