ACCC probe into Metcash technology ruling

I think it is an interesting case at the ACCC at the moment which may have a large bearing to our clients.

If I understand the case correctly what Metcash did, was tell their IGA retailer that they can only buy one of eight different computerized point-of-sale systems if they want Metcash to supply data. Supply of data is extremely important to a supermarket. The reason Metcash want this, in their words is to “coordinate the extraction of scan data from all IGA retailers”. Which from my own discussions with several newsagents suppliers, I can understand.

However this brings up three questions to the ACCC
1) Can Metcash say to their IGA retailers that unless they use one of these eight systems, they will not supply data?
2) What about those that have another system, can they be forced to spend much time and possibly money to change over to these new systems if they want data?
3) Can data retrieval of scan data be made compulsory or is it only voluntary?

The answer given by the ACCC will be of interest to us and I suspect most of our clients.

If you want to read further the case details are here