Everyone wants to go to the ANF conference.


Since I realised that it is the middle of winter in Melbourne and the conference is in Surfers Paradise. Suddenly seems a better idea to go to the conference and I would like to see the “Australian Outback Spectacular” as well. I think that Zac got the same message as suddenly he wants to go. Yet only one partner can go.

I thought it was good last time I went to the conference. I thought the ANF did a professional job. I learnt something as there were a couple of good talks that I enjoyed. I gained more than a titbit or two from the speaker. Most of them gave me some new ideas and inspiration. What did I remember to disappoint me is that I did not get any update information direct from the source. What I got was prepackaged information from a consultation with a prepared speech. Still, this is what you expect at these conferences. The guys that know what is happening keep their cards close to their chest. Still, you did get to meet them which is a start.

Still, I did meet a few people that were good to meet.

Three tips for the conference if you are going.
1) Take a small notepad that can sit in your pocket plus a pen so you can write something reasonably clearly always because you never know when something important happens that you need to record. Last time I needed it in the corridor.
2) Make sure that you always have plenty of business cards.
3) Grab as much sleep as you can whenever you can at the conference! Newsagents start early, suppliers finish late.