Zip Intergration with PosBrowser


PosBrowser has launched a new facility for you and your clients. We now offer a Zip Pay payment type directly built into the PosBrowser register.  This week we were joined by Andreas Collier from Zip pay to discuss and demonstrate how easy it is to setup and use as well as answering a bunch of question you may be interested in hearing. 
Watch the video and see what you think. 
Also as a special offer to PosBrowser user, Andreas will personally handle the process of getting your ZIP PAY account activated and the details you will need for integrating ZIP with PosBrowser.   Just contact him via email 

If you find this video helpful or you have any question please reply in the comments. Also check out our blog often to see what the next webinar is going to cover in our weekly sessions or make a suggestion for a topic you'd like to hear more about. 



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