Stock ordering direct


Many retailers now to get better prices, are now buying goods direct from suppliers overseas.  With our point of sale software, it is very easy to put in such orders but this is a sample of the unexpected problems that can develop and what you need to be aware of if you do buy direct from overseas. See the green arrow.




This product was brought with the expectation that it could be sold at a premium price. Almost any customer looking at it will laugh when they see the Chinglish. Once they look at it, few customers would pay the premium price.

One big problem with buying direct today is that often you do not see what you get till you get it. So despite doing everything you can, there are a lot more problems like this one in getting your goods.

In this case, the photos of the item were excellent as were the specifications of the product. No-one thought to take a picture of the box of the product. 

Seeing that the manufacturer is in China, it is going to be a hassle to sort this problem out.

Moral of the story – Before you buy, make sure you get a sample order before making a big order.

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