Your Retail Protective Key Performance Indicators, You'll Kick Yourself for not looking!


Your Retail Protective Key Performance Indicators are the main indicators used to help you see what people on the registers are entering your system. They give you a detailed breakdown for each operator on no sale, voids, counts, totals, refunds, negative items, and discounts. One figure I suggest you look at in particular is the voids. 

These indicators should be used as part of your loss prevention plan for your shop's internal theft, which is today's most significant form of theft.

Let us start a check.

Go to cash register reports. (see orange arrow)

Now select Staff and click on "Sales security indicators" (see blue arrow)

Select the required period. 

These indicators should be regularly checked.

PS I have noticed that years ago, people used to say if caught that they are sorry, now they tend to say the boss is so stupid .....

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