While I was at the VANA show, several newsagents who were with a different computer software provider told me of an amazing story.

What happened is that their software was supposed to be able to work on Windows 10. They had been told that it did. Then when people did the upgrade to Windows 10, they were blocked from access to their software. I am not sure whether it was a lock or barrier that blocked access to their software.

When they rang the support department of this software, they were told that it was a bug in the software that occurred while doing a Windows upgrade, and they had to ring the accountancy department of this software company. Why the accountancy department? This is very strange. Then they discovered the accountancy department was closed as it only worked business hours. Which meant of course that they were locked out of their software some for quite awhile. Then finally only after accounting department allowed it, was their software unlocked. In the meantime, they were totally locked out.

I suppose those that owed money had no choice but to pay so they could use their software. Ransomware????

POS Solutions does not do this; we do not lock people out of their software.

Do you think such action by a software company is ethical?

If you are considering POS software, please ask:

Will the software stop working or my access be impeded in any way if I do not pay support? And give them the benefit of the doubt and ask them if their software properly tested in Windows because if what they say is true, it was not appropriately tested?

And get the answer in writing, on letterhead, from a director.