Improved and quicker stock search

There have been some dramatic improvements to the stock search in the cash register.

Press on the search button in the Cash register (see red arrow)

What you will see on the bottom is ? [search text], I will explain it.

Say you do not know what the title is, you know or your client knows that in the title, it has the word "roof" in it. So I am looking for a book that has the word "roof" in the title.

So its


? to say its a wild-card search, B as its a book and ROOF because that is what I know is in the title.

Now look what happens.

As you can see all titles, with the added details like the on hand and the retail price, etc. is displayed. All I have to do is click on the one I want.

I often find this faster to search, even if I do know the item's title because it's quicker to search then it is to type.