Earth Hour 2016

From a business point of view as there is much interest with the public over the environment so it's been a major business movement over the past year. Firms are now advertising that they are green. It is something that consumers are paying attention.

Not surprisingly as studies do show that most consumers when asked were willing to pay more for products and services provided by companies that are committed to improving the environmental impact. Interestingly enough studies are reporting that employees were more likely to be satisfied with their jobs to working in places that were environmentally friendly. Clearly, there are some commercial benefits to going green.

Most industries, many suppliers are doing something, why not tell people that?

It does not have to be big, a little sign on the front window. It does not have to be much either. I have some that advertise they have cut back on some waste, some tell people they have switched to a product which requires less energy, some COULD tell people that all unsold newspapers and magazines are recycled, or some say that they have turned to LED Eco Lighting to save energy.

We actually have done something too. We installed eco-lights and cut down on electricity at night; we switched to a waste pickup service that does recycling too, and we installed installation to reduce cooling and heating charges.

PS I should say that I was one of the first people actively involved in Earth hour in Australia. I do confess that now I am really upset how some have hijacked it often by political extremist with their own agenda. I actually told one of the senior organisers that too when she talked to me today.

Update: As a result of this post, VANA thought this idea was interesting for newsagents and started to investigate. One problem maybe that its too short notice as Earth Hour is next week.