You need to rebooted your computers once a week



Turning off your computers at night has one immediate benefit, it saves electricity. Generally many never switch off their main computer as it is used after hours. 

The problem here is that happens is that sometimes a windows computer needs a reboot. If this reboot does not happen, weird things can happen.

As such, we recommended that all your computers get reboots regularly, at least once a week. 

- Furthermore, a reboot will flush your memory (RAM). This clears the stuff sitting uselessly in your computer memory, so making it run faster so saving you time. 

- Many software program updates occur when the computer starts up. If you never start the computer up, then they do not happen, and your computer runs old software. 

- Now with the issues on the internet, not doing a reboot will see you missing out on the security patches. 


If you want you can set your computer to automatically reboot at a time convenient to your business check out this video.


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