Integrated weight scales will save you time and money. 


Integrated weight scales do save many businesses time and money! 

As the scale and our POS software communicate, it is much faster. You also avoid many mistakes caused by the double-entry of figures. 

We do have a terrific range of such scales.

There are two basic types we market.

The first is the older label scales. What you do is package items in a pack., Then weight them on these scales and the scale prints a label, that can be processed at any checkout in your shop. The big plus is one scale can do the whole shop. Another is that you have control over your selling units.

The other type which I now recommend because of the dramatic price drop is the regular scale. Unlike some scales that our competitors sell, ours can read barcodes, so there is no double keying. After scanning, you weigh the item that the customer specifies. It then transfers the weight to the point of sale software which does the maths. It will then display to the customer in a large and clear type to them so they can read it too. 

With the integration of our retail weighing solution, we give you a faster checkout. 

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