What is the new normal in the shop?


A psychologist will say that it takes 2 - 8 months to create a new pattern, behaviour or routine.

It looks like this.


COVID-19 first started in a significant way in Australia since late February. We are now moving into the fifth month.  This is long enough to make the current buying trends entrenched in consumers’ everyday behaviours.

What I noticed was long before the government lockdown; the majority of people were in lockdown. So I am sure that even if the government lockdown stops, the majority of people will continue the lockdown.

As such retailers and marketers are concerned. They are wondering what will now be the new normal. I have attended heaps of webinars on this subject.

Here are some questions for you to consider.

Where are you heading?

Consider how will this new normal affect your retail marketing strategies?

What changes are now coming into place?

What marketing tools do you now need?

One disconcerting point which is unnerving to many that like figures and facts are that generally in Australia they see the effect overseas first. They have a warning and try to adapt. Now the whole world is in this together. We are all learning together.

If there is enough interest, we are happy to do a webinar on the new normal and how to use your point of sale to help you see what it looks like. 


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