Windows 10 what now?



It is looking that the original concept most are saying that Windows 10 will be the last version of Windows, is a myth.

Microsoft has recently announced that the original Windows 10 version they launched in July 2015, will not any more receive security and improvements after May 9, 2017. So the original Windows 10 version, will soon no longer be supported. To be fair Windows 10, did get two major updates, namely the Anniversary Update and the Creators Update which is about normal for a windows system.
So soon I think we can expect new Windows maybe 11.

Microsoft will of course tell us about the wonderful new features in Windows 11 that they added to improve their system but they will of course fail to mention the older programs and most importantly the device when you upgrade that suddenly stop working as the drivers are no longer available as the supplier is not updating their device drivers.

Onwards and upwards.