Easter latest updates

Easter with all the changes in newspaper distribution was a big project so it took a lot of work and testing to get it to work this time. But it was done. Considering the scope the savings in time for many of our clients will be huge now.

For those on DOS or what is called semi DOS systems that cannot do scripting, I think now is the time to serious considering to upgrade to a modern system.

Scripting as an advanced feature on automatic updates, which is done now in almost every software package. I do not update my anti-virus program or my windows software it updates itself.

Scripting however now has progressed to the next level. Using it allows us to do changes like newspaper price changes, bumper editions modifications as well as order changes, etc. Rather than the user having to waste their time entering information on the correct day for a task; we send a script down the line. It does the changes.

Which is imprtant as our clients were flat out now and did not need to remember what to do with their computer work, at least ours can get on running their businesses.