How to host an event

Our point of sale software can handle the mechanics of holding an event, but there is much more involved then just that. So I really liked this article and after reading it, I corresponded with the author, and we threw a few ideas together.

Now after seeing an ANZAC day event being advertised in one of our client's shops in Bright Victoria today, I thought I would share it with my readers.

Three points I wish to add.

1) If you are small consider holding an event when you expect to be busy as you could look really silly if going to a lot of trouble to host an event, and few show up.

2) Make the event if possible towards the end of the month as many business and event diaries update monthly, so the second or third of the month will give you less exposure compared to the twenty second or twenty third.

3) Rather then make it a monthly, hold next month a different event eg spring, summer, big cup race, school holidays etc. Make the event relevant to the local people.