Why you should use computerised order management?

Here are some reasons why using a computerised ordering system for stock control is better.

Improved control of stock
With our order management system, you get a centralised spot where you can examine all orders both current and historical. You can see when the order was received from your client, when the supplier order was placed, when the order was received by you and when the order was dispatched to your client all in real-time.

You can also check your coming expenditure, make sure that they meet your budget.

Since the process is automatic, you know the documents were filled out properly.

Better customer service as you have real-time information.
It is easy to email your customer, this information. Much of it can be set up to automatically be emailed or SMS your customer so too leading to customer service and an enhanced overall experience for both, you and your clients. Today this is not an optional extra as modern customers now get from most retailers and expect this service.

Bulk ordering
Bulk ordering can lead to considerable labour and as many individual orders can be consolidated into several larger ones with little if any affect on delivery times.