Why shops Love to use SMS Marketing!


If your shop needs it, you will find SMS marketing extremely useful. The software is available free in your point of sale software.

Where it's ideal is if you have items that you need to move quickly, like last-minute deals. For example, let's say you sell sandwiches. The sandwiches need to be sold soon or dumped. Another example would be gifts for special occasions when the day is ending.

So what is required is to have a list of phone numbers to send out a last-minute offer. Say after lunch: "All sandwiches are $3 today." Besides sandwiches, you may pick up sales in related sales. If you think about it, the sandwiches here cost you nothing now.

The plus here is that these messages get delivered almost immediately. They also have incredibly high open rates. Another advantage: it is hard for your competitors to match your prices as they do not know about your offer.

The main disadvantage is the cost. If you are sending 100 SMSs, that cost is about $6. In our sandwich example, you need at least two sales to justify the SMS marketing.

If you intend to use this form of marketing, you need to keep the following in mind.

) Keep your messages short. SMS is rarely used for long messages.

) Be ruthless in your VIP marketing to prune your SMS marketing list. Unlike emails, you are paying for each SMS sent.

) Do not use emojis. Many people do not understand them.

) Make sure you put your name on it. We had one client that sent off some SMS without an address. It became clear that the receivers had no idea where to go for the special. Also, you are required to put your details.

Make sure to add an opt-out option, such as a "Reply 'STOP' to opt-out" at the end of the SMS. As I stated, it is very much in your interest to prune out your SMS marketing list. Also, some people do not like these sorts of commercial SMS, and you should respect their views.

) Sometimes, like late at night, you should not send SMS.

) Cost depends on how many SMSs you are willing to buy in advance

Other than that, you will find that SMS campaigns are great for engaging more people to buy in your shop if it's a good fit.


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