Increased Petrol Prices Hit Delivery Charges !


We are now seeing that the rising petrol costs are now causing higher delivery prices. 

Where it is going? A New Zealander tells me that the fuel price there can be $3.60, so we are doing well. In Queensland, we are now witnessing an added problem. The floods have mucked up the public transport system, so people have to drive more cars on the road, resulting in longer queues.

This increase in petrol costs is getting people to review their delivery charges. So we are getting many people ringing up to ask about changing their delivery fees in our software. It is not hard, but people use it so rarely that they have questions about how to do it.

Here are some points (tips) that may help:

) It is an excellent time to review their charges if you use couriers. Some have not updated their prices!

) If you do the delivery yourself, why not use the Google Map integration in your POS software to plan your route? It is free, so why not use it? What is helpful here is to see the effect of changing your delivery time on your trip.

) You can save some money by using a fuel check app. I like GasBuddy, I heard that petrolspy is good too. The NSW government has one too, but I know nothing about it at least it will not have ads.

You will find it handy to know the best prices when shopping for petrol in an area.

) Investigate Click and Collect. Many people are now using it for supermarket orders. For these people, it can be handy to collect your order at the same time.

The reality is that there are problems. Couriers are taking longer to save petrol. So use our POS software to send your customers' parcel delivery updates by email. Tell your customers where their parcel is and the expected delivery details. Most people appreciate it when you get them. You are providing them with a personal touch to your business. It keeps them in the loop, so they know what is happening. It also puts your name out to an engaged customer. Include a picture of your shop and logo with your details in the email. Also, set a link to your social media, e.g. Facebook page, and do some free marketing in the email.

In business never let an opportunity go to waste.

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