Why replace Your Desktop with a Laptop?

We are living currently is a more mobile society. Years ago, we went around with a brief case, filled with the documents and our diary at present many of us go around with a laptop. So it makes perfect sense to think that we might want to move when our desktop computer gets too old to a laptop.

Right now, for example, we sell as many desktops as we do laptops as portability is a big plus and overall there is a clear trend to smaller, lighter, and more portable computing.

Here is my list of the pros and cons:

Power: Desktops

They are generally cheaper, so buying a desktop will get you more computing power and features.

Portable: Laptops

Personally, I just love being able to take all my information with me wherever I go. This makes me a lot more productive. With my laptop, I can do a lot of work while commuting. What I really like is the wide scale availability of WIFI and when I cannot get it, I can use my mobile as a WIFI carrier.

Setup: Laptops

Desktops often require some computer skills to set up. Every now and then, you need to pull out cables and put them in. They also require more space. Laptops are standard off the shelf packages with no cables to install.

Usage: Desktop

The monitors tend to be larger on a desktop, and the keyboard and mouse on a desktop are easier to use. What I do is at home or at work, I plug in the screen, mouse and keyboard into my laptop and its like having my desktop.

Upgrading and repairs: Desktop

It is often impossible to upgrade or repair a laptop. Desktops you can replace almost anything, and they are also more expandable. The parts are cheaper to buy and more readily available. With a laptop, it's much harder. If a video card dies on a laptop, for example, often you need to return it to the supplier.

Ransomware: Laptops

What I love is being able to pull my laptop off the network, if I have any doubts about a file or email and while I do my emails. Okay I may lose my computer until I repair it but I am not going to bring down every computer in the place.

Ultimately the final decision depends on what you need.