You can help to prevent fraud in your store

You have some doubts about one of your employees what signs should you look for in the till rolls in your point of sale system. You should be homing in on anything that looks strange. After having done this job over the years many times here are some ideas for you to look at.
The most dangerous situation is my experience is when people work alone.
- Shortages or overages at the end of a day report
- Unusally large numbers of cash shortages during an employee’s shift
- Unusually high number of refunds, discounts or voids
- Unusually high number of no-sale transactions
- A low number of expensive sales, thieves tend to take from these transactions.
- Customer complaints about not receiving a receipt, a sure sign if something is wrong is if a customer complaint and your point of sale shows something different. This is something that cameras can help.
- Cash receipts found in the bin at the end of the day
- Incomplete refund slips without customer information

Another useful tip is to compare the video camera image and the till rolls.