Warning! A loyalty program may cost you at the point of sale.

On POS Systems like ours, it is very easy to set up a loyalty marketing program.

However here is something for you to consider. A study which is probably the best and largest study in Australia in 2016, released an interesting set of statistics. An executive study is available here free.

From what I can see the report does not show a lot of difference between this year and last year. Last years report 2015 is available here free. Which is an fascinating powerpoint presentation?

The 3 motivations of Loyalty marketing were:

55% were motivated by Convenience Loyalty = “I purchase from the brand/business anyway, so I might as well be rewarded”
34% were motivated by Transactional Loyalty = “The benefits and rewards offered are worthwhile”
10% were motivated by Emotional Loyalty = “I love the brand and its products or services”

Looking at this much of the marketing you will get anyway.

This fits in well with our research that we released in April 2014, that stated as a working approximation probably half the money spent on loyalty marketing is wasted.

So if for example you are giving half the profit away as some schemes push, you are probably working for nothing.