Reality and benefits of our EOFY sales


The reality of the current market for computer and POS equipment is that shortages are everywhere. We have inflation, and the Australian Dollar, over the past 12 months, is down to the US dollar. 

Bottom line, product availability is challenging, and prices look like they are going up. If you think of updating your computer system, now is a better time to buy than in six months.

Also, if you move now, you can claim a revised tax write-off, which opens up many options for businesses.

This allows businesses an immediate tax break, which can be quite cost-saving. It enables you to buy high-quality equipment that will benefit your bottom line for many years. 

You need to do it to move immediately. As even if the products are ordered and paid for but haven't arrived at your premises, you cannot claim the deduction.

For details on the EOFY sale, please click here.

Please, note I am not an accountant. The information in this article is not legal advice, nor is it intended to be used as a substitute for obtaining independent professional advice. That is what you pay them to do.

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