Weird no lockdown here but ...


There is no lockdown, but it is not like people are getting out. I thought it was an overreaction, but one of our staff got COVID. So not knowing what to do, we told our staff if they feel that they can do their work at home, to work from home if not then to come to work. 

I went to a client shop on Friday, and it was empty in the shopping centre, no one was coming out. I got called up the next day, so I went back only to see the shopping centre completely full. What is going on? I was told that this is not uncommon in the centre even before COVID. Then when I went back yesterday, it did not look too busy to me. 

May be we are looking at some lockdown-style hesitancy due to Omicron, or are we looking at a new cultural norm?

Anyway, I took some pictures. This is Parkmore Shopping centre which is a large shopping centre in the Melbourne metro.




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