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My post on monitors brought up some comments and discussions.

At least with us, there is a difference between the monitors we recommend for business purposes and those we recommend for home use.

If a monitor breaks down at home and needs a few days or a week to fix, it is not disastrous. They generally run in clean environments, so dust and dirt are not issues. Nor is the temperature a problem as it's a controlled environment. Plus, people do treat them better.

In business, often none of this is true, particularly at the front counter.

) What is required is an easy service to reduce downtime. You are paying people by the hour to do a job, and whether they are working flat out or working slowly, it costs you the same.

) The continuous glass surface should have reinforced front glass. I have seen many screens broken, it is dangerous.

) It should be silicon sealed. Dust and dirt are everywhere. This also allows for easy cleaning and increases its reliability.

) It should be "true flat" if it's touch.


There are horses for courses.

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