Use a Reliable Backup Solution to Protect Your business.


Cloud point of sale

Our POS system comes with a free cloud backup system that you can use. With the recent floods on the East Coast, it's been a real relief that many are using it.

What it does is store a copy of your information in another location. In the case below, a disaster happened, and the people's backup information was safe. Not much else was safe.

If you have not implemented it, please look into it. The amount of work involved is trivial, and even on the basic free version, it can protect you from the most severe computer backup problems. Ransomware is about the only thing it does not cover well, but for a little more, we can make it protect from ransomware too.

It also has other advantages; notably, people found using it during the COVID-19 pandemic that they could work better from home. 

Using a cloud backup offers you the best protection now available and is vastly more dependable than other backup services.​ 

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