Tyro we have been busy reintegrating


Tyro compare

When your terminals arrive, please call us immediately to reintegrate them.  We need the new terminals or the fixed old ones to reconnect.

When this started, we went through our list new we have finally worked our way through almost all of them. <weary> If you have not heard from Tyro, it may be that they do not know about your unit's problems so you need to contact them on 1300 966 639. 

Although almost all Tyro sites were unaffected, a few were and badly. So what happens now, someone did something wrong, and I doubt it will be pretty. It is unbelievable as Tyro has had a brilliant record up to now. I know as POS Solutions was with them from the start, we are their first customer.  

What I can say is that our priority has always been to get our affected clients ASAP back online. So to minimise the disruption.


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