Checklist on security of your stock checklist


Current figures, well figures based on the last survey done in August 2019, in Australia and New Zealand Retail Crime Survey reported total crime-related retail losses to 0.92% of revenue.

If you want to read the report yourself, you need to register here.

Looking at the figure from many of my clients, I think it's higher. But as a first-level approximation, it's a start.  Put in your turnover and get a figure.

It is impossible to check everything all the time. So  I decided to put together a point list to determine which items to checked more often. 

Do it by department and give them a score based on 1=Low   2=Average   3=High. Then add them up for each department and look at the high scores.

Then divide it up the departments that need to check by priority.

1) Number of items you have. People tend to try to steal things that you have many of as they think you will not notice a missing one. Give priority to those departments you are well stocked.

2) Easy to count. If it is quick and easy to count, why not do so?

3) How often does it get touched. Every time someone touches it, it is open to temptation. This is why I guess items that are regularly purchased tend to be stolen more.

4) Stock that has a history of going missing. If you have items that go missing a lot in a count, that is a sign that something is wrong. Move it.

5) Small, easy to grab items. 

6) How valuable is it? If it's valuable, it is worth looking into it. I found it unexpected that low-value products will go missing almost as much as high priced items. 

7) Anything to do with computers, cosmetics, and sex items tends to be high on the list. 

Give this a try. If you have any good ideas on how to change the list, let me know.

If we get a lot of interest, we will look to automate this process.

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