Turn your POS computers off at least weekly


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Some people do not switch off their POS System computers. They run them 24/7.

In my opinion, this is not a good practice.

Why You Should Restart Your POS System Weekly

Using point-of-sale (POS) systems during regular business hours and restarting the POS computers weekly can keep things running smoothly. While it causes a brief downtime, the overall benefits make it an intelligent maintenance routine.

The Benefits of a Weekly Restart

Restarting Windows-based POS systems weekly provides several performance and stability advantages:

  • Install updates - Windows can check for and install important OS and security updates. Keeping things patched prevents issues.

  • Clears out temp files - Temporary application files and caches are deleted, freeing up disk space.

  • Frees memory - Programs with memory leaks are reset, freeing up RAM. This prevents sluggish performance.

  • Resets connections - Network connections, ports, and sockets are refreshed. This can fix odd connectivity issues.

A reboot clears out any digital cobwebs and lets your POS system start with a clean slate. I recommend this as a general best practice for any business system.

When to Schedule the Restart

The best time to do it is between Tuesday and Thursday; this is because if something goes wrong, you can help.

Often you can stagger the restart if you have multiple computers, so they aren't all offline together.

The Temporary Downtime is Worth It

The downtime from a reboot is usually brief - just 5-10 minutes. While inconvenient, the performance and stability gains outweigh this small window of being offline. It's a smart tradeoff for any business.

Adopting a weekly restart routine is an easy way to keep your POS system running optimally. Combine it with other IT best practices, and your point-of-sale environment will stay healthy for the long run.

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