Try to create meaningful descriptions


This is happening because we have so many integrations with suppliers. Our clients are now are often simply importing in the suppliers' files, great. 

But what is happening is that suppliers, when faced with 

-A product name that is too large for their systems
 -Products so like too many of their other products 
- Laziness

summarise the description. 

Look at the above real example. What does TAS mean? Looking at the book, our client could not find anything that made sense. We think it might be the supplier code "Trade At Settlement" since it is used by several items in their catalogue and the only thing common is made in Canadian. So it is was used to mark a product whose price is to be decided when payment is due because of currency fluctuations. For example, if you buy in Canadian dollars, you will not know the cost till the date of settlement. 

Now, what happens when your staff are looking for the item in your system and see the TAS? How does it help them?

If they cannot find it, they cannot sell it?

If you encounter this problem in your system, you need to change the description to something more meaningful.

A quick way of checking the most commonly handled products in your shop is to go to Register reports.

Now pick "Top N Stock Sales for a Given Period."


Now in the form put in the two months and ask in order of quantity and see what you get. If you cannot recognize some of the descriptions how can your staff?

Now it is up to you to do something!



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