Tabcorp latest changes FAQ


What Tabcorp have done is made changes to their system. here are some FAQs.
the lotto

What is the purpose of the changes?

So you can differentiate between lotto card paid tickets and non-lotto paid tickets. The only way to do was for each lotto product to have two different barcodes depending on how it is sold.

Will, it involves us in any more work?

Absolutely not!

Tabcorp has provided all the information. Your software will be automatically updated. There's zero work for you. 

Besides fixing some problems, will I get anything new from this change?

Yes, the pricing and profit information!

In your point of sale software, there is a "rebate" feature which stores the difference between the price an item is sold at, and its real price. Once we have pricing information, your receipts will now be correct. Immediately your total of the sale will be accurate and your till will balance.

You can much easier match your payments by lotto card. 

Your reconciliations will be correct.

You will get gross profit reportings your software will now be able to handle the new Digital Wallet barcode with the problems of it being prepaid. You will have lotto Gross Profit Reporting. Which is the main reason why we asked for this change? We feel, and I think most of you agree that Gross Profit is the most critical measure to determine the profitability and the financial performance of a business which is why we fought for this change.

I want to thank Tabcorp for doing it.

When will it roll out?

Unsure, it was scheduled for last Friday and Monday but there are so many delays, hopefully within two weeks.


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