See how COVID has changed shopper behaviour


Many of our clients are reporting that their sales slightly down. Yet there are significant changes in Australia's shoppers'  behaviour from coronavirus.

As readers know, our POS software has built-in traffic monitoring software. This will demonstrate its capabilities.

This chart shows the overall retail traffic above by Kepler, a well-known traffic measurement consulting company in Australia, for the last week of January. 

I will take you through the options so you can see how Australian shoppers are changing.  

The most important lines are green this year and yellow, which is last year. 

On the top left, you can see the PASSER-BY by weeks. This measures the number of people who walk past shops. As you can see, this fell by 5.3%, which means that fewer people are coming now to window shop. 

But look at the chart labelled SFC (middle right). This is the ratio of transactions to those who came into the shop. Then, look at the chart ATV, which shows the transaction value that the shoppers are doing. Both are up. Shoppers are buying more.

As I stated here before, COVID has changed shoppers' priorities. They are now not window-shopping. They are not going to an enclosed shopping centre to spend a day socialising with friends over lunch and buying. They know what they want. They are coming to get it. So they are going shopping on a planned mission to an open street close to them. 

As such, they are now trying new shops. I expect that people you have never seen will come to your shop.

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