How to monitor your stock turns


Stock turns vital because most of our money is in inventory. If it is not selling well, the funds will not be available to pay employees, suppliers, banks, etc. So look at this report.

It is easy to get your report. It takes a second.

Go to Main Menu > Cash Register > Register Reports > expand Stock > select/double the click the report “Show Stock Turn by Dissection and Item.

Now select the appropriate options and then click the View Report button. I suggest running it for the past last five (5) years, the previous year, and the previous three (3) months and compare the figures. This gives you a long, medium, and short-range. See how different departments are going.

Now, you can see trends.

Like everything, you need to review these figures with intelligence. Too high figures can mean you are understocked. 
Too low often means you are overstocked.

Have a shot and see how you go.

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