Responding to a personal attack

I wrote an article here at the VANA Expo

about an allegedly buggy competitors software that when people upgraded to Windows 10 suddenly stopped working, and that they were locked out of their software until they contacted the software companies accounting department

Suddenly, another company responded claiming that this total anonymous post which does not mention them, is an attack on them, even though on the previous post I said that there were four newsagency software companies who came to the VANA show and they produced this.

Note there is nothing here to state why they should consider this an attack by them and not the two other companies.

So this attack by them on me, quickly produced a stream of justifiable complaints by people against them, so they stopped, but they did NOT print a retraction. Soon I got a lot of emails, including copies of this company's newsletters showing that there had been problems with their software and Windows 10. Here is one such article in their OWN newsletter about their software and Windows 10.

So if you read their attack on me, it states that their software works with Windows 10. Now that might be true in the current versions but the earlier versions which would have been around when I related what happened clearly had problems. Nor was it a one off thing as it states in the article quite bluntly that this is not the first warning.

The second claim is also false, clearly users in their software were locked out some clearly for some time. Clearly, their user running old versions of their software would be locked out and forced to ring their accountancy department to gain access to their system.

Which leads to the next claim, if any user is locked out and they have to ring their software accountancy department, can it be called RANSOMWARE, you tell me???

The last two points, are actually totally irrelevant to either my post, any of the issues and the subject so I wonder why they are there. However for the record, I am not aware of us ever inhibiting access to our users for any reason, and on the last claim, I can say truthfully that we have switched 100s of newsagents and many other users, including people in the Pet Industry from them to POS Solutions.

Please consider if you are making judgement on this, that the best way to assess a company is to see how they interact with their customers and the world.