Report on the Fine food show


​I did meet a few, but I was surprised that more of my clients did not go to Fine Food Show. Food is always a hot seller. With so many now interested in gourmet chocolate, this was the place to go to check them out. Check out the listings. It was packed with companies trying to market their products.

There was a wide range of different foods too.

What I did like is that most offered samples to try out. Labels do not fool the public with food. It is always important to taste the product offered. With one bite, for example, the public can taste the difference between high-quality artisan and mass-marketed chocolate. If you want them back, your product has to be good.

Plus, there was a lot in technology, ever heard of a sushi machine, I had not. This sort of technology is important if you do not have the skill developed over years in food preparation. 

If you get a chance, I recommend you check out this show. I am sure you will get some ideas.

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