On the National Day of Mourning in Australia in 2022


Australia will mark the death of Queen Elizabeth with a public holiday on Thursday, September 22nd 2022. It will be a National Day of Mourning.

She was a remarkable woman who did a great job. An inspiration who, incredibly, was still working at 96 years old!

Like anyone else, I love a day off work, but this unanticipated public holiday is challenging. I had a client who booked a medical appointment well in advance that day, but it was cancelled. As few doctors will open and do not want to pay penalty rates, many more are in the same position. The same is true of many other organisations, debating now whether to stay open or close on that day. The cost of this public holiday for Australia will be in the billions. I wonder if the money could be better spent on a specialised hospital in her name. 

As it is a public holiday, many are now questioning whether it will be worth keeping the business open on this day.

Before you start planning and organising your staff, please research how busy you are likely to be. Look at the last Queen's birthday and a typical Thursday. Here is a video explaining how to do this with your POS System. Please click here.


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