The number of POS Cash registers you require is based on peak business volume. What happens then is that the long checkout times provide your customers with an opportunity to reconsider their purchase as such many will abandon the proposed purchase. A rule of the thumb in Australia in retail is six (6) minutes max.

The problem is not the actual time but the perceived time. 

That is why if you notice the many often near the counter, a stand with popular magazines. It is not as many think primarily to get impulsive sales; it is to keep people busy while they are waiting in the queue. Maybe they will buy the magazine if so its a bonus, but at least while they are reading, they do not do a walkout. 

Another idea frequently done is free WIFI, while people are in the queue they can fill the time productively doing facebook and email checking etc. 

Another idea is a TV screen showing the news or weather. 

Still, their maybe a better way. Instead of trying to fix the symptoms of the problem, why not try to fix the problem,

With our software what you can do is have one cash register station run multiple draws. So when it gets busy, a staff member has a draw ready to go and can serve your customers. 

It does not take any more room.

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