Products improving now in sales so consider selling them in your shop



Shopify released a list of products that are trending up now, here.

Unfortunately, they did not release Australian figures. So I went through their list to see what google trends stated was in Australia interesting.

Going through them these three, I think, would be of interest to my clients.

You have to remember that Australia has plenty of time and often want to organise so:

Storage containers

Australia now needs more home storage products to tidy away your belongings. They often need to create a clutter-free home. What they want now is stylish storage.


Books have been selling well. People are organising them into some old order. So bookends are in demand as they are a neat solution to tidying up their book collection without spending a lot of money.

Temporary tattoos

Many people want tattoos that last 1-2 weeks and then fade into your skin.

I hope this is of help.

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