Why you may need a longer range barcode scanner?



Scanner range can be a big problem in the retail industry, especially if you stocktake or sell goods in bulk. 

Generally, most scanners in retail are designed to be close-range,  about 20 cm from the target. 

A typical problem can be if someone buys a heavy or large box. The operator on the cash register must then either lift the item onto the counter or move the scanner to get into the scanners reading range.

Also, if you have high or low shelves, there may be problems when counting with items on these shelves. 

Often here, there is a speed issue. If you can save 10 seconds of scanning time, you will save an hour of work after about 300 scans. Consider that an hour's work is often 20 dollars to the shop. So over the scanner's service life, an extended range scanner can save a lot of money. 

If you are concerned about these issues, consider using a medium or long-range scanner. For example, we regularly go to about 10 meters.

To see your requirements is easy:

1) Check where your barcode scanner would be. Now measure from there to where the largest distance barcode you need to measure would be. Add 25% more as you will need more.

2) Measure the least distance you need.

This gives us the ranges over which your scanner will need to measure. 

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