Petrol up so our Consumer Price Index is up



The latest CPI figures are out here.

I think you will find it helpful to look through it to see the official inflation rates. I would be interested in your views.

Looking at the figures, the main driver now of inflation appears to be petrol if so there is little as a community we can do about it. Looking at the other figures, I do not know your views, but they do not appear correct. For example, insurance, from what my clients have been telling me, insurance seems to be higher than 2.2%. Also, food seems to be up much more than 1.9% they have quoted. Have you tried buying steak or mincemeat recently?

Anyway, these are the official figures from which many items such as our rents will be determined.

If you want a good site at giving you price history for many items, visit this site here. People find it useful for pricing toys so I have been recommending it to my clients to see the current prices for old items in their shop.

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