Pepper, the robot sacked after repeated firing.



Pepper is a robot that they told us would revolutionise the retail market is a semi-humanoid robot designed to read emotions. Using this it could they claim chat to customers in a grocery shop. So one company in Scotland hired a one to direct people to where various products are. Pepper was fired soon because no matter what product people asked for, it told them to "look at alcohol." Now some here may  like such a robot but not the owner of the grocery shop. It was also suppose to do stocktakes that apparently did not work out either.

It was also hired by a Japanese nursing-home company to keep residents company and lead group singalongs. Peppers was fired thereafter for taking "unplanned breaks" at work. Plus the residents did not like them. It got fired from a funeral home and schools for similar reasons too.

It's being used now in a vaccination centre in Wyndham, Victoria. Anyone see it, please tell me about it.

Here is an interview with pepper the robot, its very interesting.

POS Solutions was invited to attend an Australian launch of a similar product which was very interesting but at the time we felt that this technology was not moving as fast as we were told.

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