How much potential revenue are you missing out on?



If you’re a retailer not running a loyalty program, what does it cost you?

Let us do a guesstimate.

Say you collect a 1,000 email addresses of your customers.

Say you send out a monthly email newsletter to them. This costs you nothing.

At a super conservative value of 1% effectiveness, say with $20 profit per hit. That is a $200/month profit on 1,000 members of your loyalty club.

In one year, you have about $2,500. Its paid its way.

Plus, it puts your name out in front for no cost.


A card promotion advertised through a loyalty program resulted in

-No of transactions increased 20.7%

-Total average weekly increase (overall) on cards was 44.5%

-Average card basket size increase 19.8%

Plus, there were extra purchases as customers bought more than cards.

Read more here.

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