Our supply chain causing cost problems now


Today, we are struggling to cope with the impact of pandemics on our supply chain. It has become more than a severe inconvenience that is affecting profitability.

On top of the supply problems, many suppliers struggling with shortages are quietly increasing prices and substituting old formerly unsellable stock. So prices are going up everywhere except in official Treasury figures.

What happened to us lately is interesting. We ordered two items for around $ 18 unit price and with a shipping cost of $15. But what happened was we were charged the two shipping costs of $30 in one parcel. They never did that before.

You must be cautious otherwise, you will not notice the price increase or replacement.

Older legacy systems with inadequate stock tools cannot do this. Here's a valuable screen if you need to check

Stock maintenance> History tab> Price change

What it does is provide a product history for each barcode and price change over time.

It is worth studying as this screen will be invaluable for you over the next few months until we get over this supply crisis.

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